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SK Education, a fast-paced, technology driven company focused on creating path-breaking products across the education sector. Top priority for parents has always been “Providing Quality Education to their children” It plays a critical role in the overall development of children. Parents compromise eminently on their personal comfort in the pursuitto offer quality education and the best possible exposure to their children. We are passionate about providing the best possible education resources and products to your children as we understand the parents perspective.

Currently, SK Education is one of India’s fastest growing education companies. We are the educational partner for over 150+ schools in India. Our educational products are being used by most of the Schools actively. Our industries best subject matter experts are the reason for success of our educational products. These products complement the traditional classroom teaching by offering an innovative learning environment that fosters creativity, imagination, concentration, and long-lasting learning among children. We believe that our educational materials will not only enhance the learning of the children but will also completely eliminate the need for any coaching / tuition’soutside of the school. They are prepared with great care to ensure that children develop in-depth conceptual understanding in all subjects while having fun.

SK Education, Headquartered in Bangalore, has been established by IIT alumni who have a track record building successful e-commerce businesses. SK Education is backed by a strong management team with varied experience across multiple domains.

SK Education is an effort to provide the content of CBSE/ICSE/State Board syllabus in a digital, multimedia form. Complete with exhaustive tests and assignments, SK Education is the ideal solution for students who are keen to clear their concepts and perform better in their exams.

Our vision is to be the most preferred provider of e-learning solutions for school going students in India.


Every Indian child should have access to high quality educational products and resources by 2021. To reach every child irrespective of their economic status, location and accessibility to internet or computer, the board that they are studying in and their past academic performance. To create an ecosystem of teachers, schools, parents, and children to transform our vision into reality. We will continue to create high quality educational products in a cost effective manner and our products will be available in all consumable formats, will be translated into various Indian languages, and will conform to the syllabus prescribed by different education boards of India.


We are an organization driven by values and want every employee to share our values.


Passionate about enabling every child to availing good quality education in India.


These two values are the foundation of who we are and what we do. Conformity to ethics is essential to us.


We strive to create an impact in the society, and thus, measurable result-oriented approach defines our work.


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2500000 +


85 %

Average to Distinction

100 %


“Education makes life self-reliant. It inspires man to live with dignity in the society.”

Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister of India

People say 'Aren't you worried what students may do in the digital world?' My response, 'I'm more worried if we don't teach them how.

Scott Garofola

"The science of today is the technology of tomorrow."

Edward Teller

Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy.

Richard Stallman